Wednesday, July 27

young buffalo - young von prettylips ep

some of you might have heard of young buffalo.... or maybe you've seen them live, as they were opening act for some other big acts such as wu lyf, tennis, the vaccines and arctic monkeys.... to name just a few. now the missisippi 3-peace comes up with their first release "young von prettylips ep" on cantora records. the 4-track ep could be classified as some mish-mash of americana harmonies a la fleet foxes, bombastic sound a la arcade fire, playfulness a la vampire weekend with a little bit of college rock and a tiny bit of 60s surf-sound. and to my surprise, this ep is a very entertaining piece of music.... well to be very honest, i am kinda addicted to the ep, even though i just gave it a few spins. i am pretty curious to see and hear more from this great band in the near future.
9/10 (fk 27.07.11)

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last fm tags: indie, lo-fi, indie rock

young buffalo - young von prettylips ep
release date: june 14, 2011
label: cantora records

digital ep is available on amazon!

01. only we can keep you from harm
02. speak ez

03. full metal whacket
04. catapilah
05. bury me

01. young buffalo - only we can keep you from harm

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