Monday, August 8

azari & III - azari & III

i've beein waiting ages for an album like "azari & III's" self-titled album. they combine the best of chicago house, electro and 80s electronic music and melt it to one great absolutely entertaining 11-track album. sure, we've heard some of the sounds before, but at least to me, who grew up with house music in the 90s, it's a bit of a deja-vu. it brings back the good memories of some mid 90's "strictly rhythm" releases and makes me wanna dance immediately. for those who don't have such a musical background it's for sure one of the best electronic albums within the last 2 years (and yes, i like it better than "hercules and love affair"). perfect for a saturday night while getting ready for the club, perfect for an afternoon while doing the horrible dishes.....
10/10 (fk 08.08.11)

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similar artists: hercules and love affair, holy ghost!, munk, the c90s, midnight magic
last fm tags: electronic, chicago house, disco

azari & III - azari & III
release date: july 29, 2011
label: loose lips

album is available on iTunes!

01. into the night
02. reckless (with your love)

03. tunnel vision
04. indigo
05. lost in time
06. infiniti
07. change of heart
08. manhooker
09. undecided
10. hungry for the power
11. manic

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