Tuesday, August 2

degrees - dream on dreamy

"degrees" is another swedish duo, but other than "i break hearts", degrees are more of a synthpop/dreampop/rock band. their new album has a bit of everything. beauty, melancholia and bittersweetness. it's like the "shiny toy guns" and "hearts of black science" had a child together and it was sent to the "labrador records" kindergaden. at parts it's a bit too sweet, but then.... tell me someone who doesn't love sweets and.... for fans of swedish pop music it's an absolute must have... and i am big fan of swedish (pop) music (my personal highlight on the album: "at least rock & roll won't leave a hole in my back")
9.5/10 (fk 02.08.11)

degrees official website
similar artists: shiny toy guns, hearts of black science, loveninjas, wan light, the sound of arrows
last fm tags: electronic, pop, swedish

degrees - dream on dreamy
(digital) release date: may 24, 2011
label: af-music

album is available on their bandcamp site!

01. the great big void
02. oakland mountain high

03. boys of distortion
04. beach loveison
05. at least rock & roll won't leave a hole in my back
06. idiot dreaming
07. a new dawn fades, a new dawn waits
08. roads again
09. dream on dreamy

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