Tuesday, August 2

grooms - prom

brooklyn based grooms' new album "prom" is an outstanding piece of music, because it doesn't really sound like any other album or band. it's so not brooklyn 2011'ish and this is what makes this album so wonderfully unique and hard to compare with other existing bands. maybe, just maybe, there's a little similarity to sonic youth and some early 90s post-shoegaze/post-rock bands.... but as i said.... just maybe! honestly, it took me a few days getting into it, because it's probably not one of those "put it on, get into it, love it" records. it's way more deeper and maybe more difficult, but then, in all the deepness is much more to discover.
8.5/10 (fk 02.08.11)

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similar artists (last fm): gauntlet hair, brilliant colors, feral children, sonic youth, asobi seksu
fm tags: experimental, rock, indie

grooms - prom
release date: july 12, 2011
label: kanine records

album is available on iTunes!!!

01. tiger trees
02. prom

03. expression of
04. imagining the bodies
05. skating with girl
06. psychics
07. aisha
08. into the arms
09. sharing
10. don't worry, you're prettier
11. 3d voices

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