Saturday, August 6

jerusalem and the starbaskets - dost

there's a lot of lo-fi / psychedelic stuff coming out these days and some of it is really good, some of it is pure crap. now, here's some record i'd classify as "interesting". i am not sure yet if i'll ever fall in love with the duo "jerusalem and the starbaskets" but their album has a special "something". musically it could be labelled as a country driven lo-fi psychedelic noise record, but it's by far more than that. there's the blues, there's the noise and there's a huge "garage" and even "grunge" feeling around. at parts you feel like you're in the middle of a c-class rodeo waiting for kurt cobain to jump around the corner with a cowboy hat on. it's fun listening to the record.... i'm just not sure if the fun will last for a while or if it goes by too fast!
7.5/10 (fk 06.08.11)

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last fm tags: garage, lo-fi, country

jerusalem and the starbaskets - dost
release date: april 26, 2011
label: de stijl records

album is available on iTunes!

01. a.
02. chocolate covered every berry

03. brighter the light
04. pretty patty
05. first cigarette in the rain
06. chinese rifles
07. b.
08. fuck a parade
09. what other flags?
10. walkin across your grave
11. sister sorceress
12. similar cog

03. brighter the light

10. walkin across your grave

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