Sunday, August 7

the subs - decontrol

it's been a while since "the subs" released their album "decontrol", but i just stumbled upon it after i saw the "the face of the planet" video. the subs are from belgium and their music isn't something new. honestly i wouldn't have written a word about the album if it hadn't at least one or two good songs on. that one song is the above mentioned "the face of the planet". the other one is "dry lemon". the other songs on the album sound way too replaceable. i don't mean to be rude, since it's not that bad, but there exist some better albums of that genre!
7/10 (fk 07.08.11)

the subs on facebook
the subs official website
similar artists: autokratz, goose, boys noize, the japanese popstars, designer drugs
last fm tags: electronic, house, techno

the subs - decontrol
release date: march 25, 2011
label: lektroluv

album is available on iTunes!

01. the face of the planet
02. don't stop (feat. highbloo)

03. the hype (feat. highnloo)
04. dry lemon
05. hannibal & the battle of zama
06. itch
07. hairdo
08. lemonade
09. the visible man
10. decontrol
11. the fuck song

04. dry lemon

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