Monday, February 6

burning hearts - extinctions

finnish indie-pop duo came up with their second album on february 1. after their very good 2011 "into the wilderness ep" i was really looking forward to the release of this album. after a few spins, i am not really sure if i should love or like this. i don't mean it's a bad album or anything like that.... not at all.... it's just that i might expected something different. the nine songs on the album are all pretty neat pop songs that swing from beach house'ish arrangements to twee'ish compositions with the help of some electronics and back. the opener "on the last day of the decade" reminds me of any song, but i don't know which (maybe "bittersweet symphony"??.... dunno). it's a strong song and maybe the most catchy one on the album. some of the songs lyrics are about death and are dedicated to people that no longer exist.... but even if tragedy inspired burning hearts' songwriting... the songs are all packed in a warm shape and they spread a lot of hope. because of that and because of the fact that this album has something addictive, i'll give this album 8/10.... plus some more spins! "on the last days of the decade" and "deep waters" are my personal highlights on the album(fk)

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similar artists: cats on fire, liechtenstein, beach house, tennis, cults
last fm tags: indie pop, twee, indie

burning hearts - extinctions
release date: february 1, 2012
released through solina records

album is available on iTunes!!!!


01. on the last day of the decade
02. into the wilderness
03. modern times
04. love and dissonance
05. the swallows
06. burn burn burn
07. trade winds
08. the beast
09. deep waters

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