Saturday, March 24

skeletonkids - brother island

also from "baku shad-do" comes skeletonkids. a hard to classify act from new york (originally from az). i'd label them as "doomed bedroom chillwave for witches that are about to enter a hipster club and still looking for someone to sell them.... beeeeeeep". yes, that's exactly what they sound like. nah seriously... they are a bit of everything... chillwave, the w-house thing and maybe bedroom pop. their album is absolutely worth a listen, or two, or three.... or 5 bucks!!

this is baku shad-do release note:

The dark bedroom pop of SKELETONKIDS is constantly evolving. From his initial experiments with shoegaze and goth, to the present, James Grymmace has always pushed his boundaries and defied any easy categorization. A mix of hip hop, synth and experimental music, it is no surprise that SKELETONKIDS found an audience amongst the chopped and screwed devotees of witch house, releasing his first e.p.on seminal label Tundra Dubs; but don't for a second mistake the music of Grymmace as a fad. Over the past two years a powerful voice has emerged. As his sound matures and fleshes out, the time for SKELETONKIDS fast approaches.

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