Saturday, March 17

yeti lane - the echo show

maybe, just maybe, yeti lane are one anti-hipster band and even that should be worth liking them. as most "hipster" blogs continue writing about so called hip electronic and other hyped stuff, without noticing that they're drifting into mainstream, yeti lane are one of those bands that are pretty hard to label and they might not be an eye-catcher as most hip acts, but this parisian duo's music is one hip sumptuous cocktail made of electronica, psychedelic snippets, shoegaze elements and "trvial" rock harmonies. the opener "analog wheel" itself combines the whole album's style in nearly 8 mins. at parts the albums sounds like someone has mixed air, the verve (anno 1992), grandaddy, doves and m83 in one epic symphonic acoustic monument. it's hard to let down from this album without wanting more. it's even harder to stop listening when it has gotten pretty pretty late at night. this album is highly addictive... at least for those whose ears and mind are still open for the music beyond hip beats and even hipper outfits. (sk / fk)

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last fm tags: indie, psychedelic, electronic

yeti lane - the echo show
release date: march 5, 2012
released through clapping music
digital album available on iTunes!!!!


01. analog wheel
02. the echo show
03. warning sensations
04. -
05. logic winds
06. strange call
07. --
08. alba
09. ---
10. dead tired
11. sparkling sunbeam
12. faded spectrum
13. ----

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