Thursday, April 12

sleep party people - we were drifting on a sad song

sleep party people is the brainchild of copenhagen resident brian batz. after his 2010 debut album, "we were drifting on a sad song" is the sophomore album and honestly, it does sound way more adult than you'd ever expect from a second output. i am not sure if this could be labelled as dream-pop, even though the album has all ingredients that are needed to make a dream pop album, but.... it has much more. there's also a bit of that gaga'ish flaming lips style plus a huge package of playfulness, lush laid-back melodies and a slight subliminal weirdness that's present on the whole album. some might think the album is a way too cimplicated, but when you just let it grow on you, you'll fall in love with it. songs like "chin", the title track "we were drifting on a sad song" and "gazing at the moon" are the highlights on the album. and don't you forget about the amazing silent "heaven is above us" and the great "melancholic fog". (sk / fk)

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tags: experimental, electronic, dream pop

sleep party people - we were drifting on a sad song
release date: april 9, 2012
released through blood and biscuits


01. a dark god heart
02. chin
03. we were drifting on a sad song
04. melancholic fog
05. heavy burden
06. gazing at the moon
07. heaven is above us
08. things will disappear like tears in the rain
09. the city light died

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