Wednesday, May 30

2:54 - 2:54

the london located sisters hannah and colette thurlow are 2:54. you might have heard of them since they have been hyped recently.... also on various blogs on the web. also, their self-titled debut album doesn't sound special at first sight. it's some intelligent mixed indie-rock with a bit of new wave, shoegaze, rock and roll and dreampop. you sould give this album a chance and if you start getting into this album after the second or third play, it's starting to grow on you. the girls' voices work pretty well with the music and the album builds a very special atmosphere. i'm not sure if i'll ever fall in love with this album, but i know, that it does entertain me pretty well. if you really want to compare 2:54 with any existing bands, then i'd say they are a bit of best coast 2012 mixed with widowspeaks, garbage, school of seven bells and various unidentified influences from various genres. the only thing that could be a problem is..... the album doesn't have real surprises. the songs do sound pretty much the same and at parts they seem to drift in the wrong direction (at least from my point of view). in the long-term this could minimize the joy of listening. but for now.... a pretty good and entertaining debut. my favourite song on the album is the opener "revolving" (7.5/10) (sk)

artist: 2:54
title: 2:54
genre: indie / new wave / indierock / shoegaze
release date: may 25, 2012

02 - you're early
03 - easy undercover
04 - a salute
05 - scarlet
06 - sugar
07 - circuitry
08 - watcher
09 - ride
10 - creeping

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