Thursday, May 24

crybaby - crybaby

crybaby aka danny coughlan's debut album is a wonderful trip through the sounds of the 60s, mixed with lots and lots of melancholia and a world full of love and pain. coughlan's voice is it what makes this album different from other artists of that genre. at parts he sounds like morrissey.... and maybe that's the reason why i love this album. it's not that i like listening to a morrissey copy, but coughlan's voice works so perfectly well with the sounds he creates. as good as the album is.... a bit less melancholia and bittersweetness would make this album a masterpiece. i sometimes feel like i was biting on the same candy bar again and again, after listening to "crybaby". nevertheless... it's for sure one of the better debuts in (early) 2012. (8/10) (sk/fk)

artist: crybaby
title: crybaby
genre: indie / dreampop / pop
release date: april 9, 2012

02 - we're supposed to be in love
03 - when the lights go out
04 - armies of darkness
05 - this time it's over
06 - shame
07 - twist of the knife
08 - veils
09 - a misery of life
10 - what am i supposed to do without you now?

(you can listen to the whole album via spotify!)

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