Monday, May 28

exitmusic - passage

since may 21, exitmusic's debut album "passage" is finally out. was it worth the wait? yes it was! after their phenomenal ep "from silence", the album is their second release with "secretly canadian". musically, the album's general mood wouldn't fit in spring or summer, since it's very melancholic and aleksa palladino's voice sounds like a dirge singing grunge vocalist from the early 90s.... but hey, exactly that is the magic of exitmusic. the subliminal beauty underneath dark sounds and desperate sounding vocals. listen to "storms" and you know what i mean. it's a bit of an eargasm when the beauty of this music unfolds it's blossoms in your ears and you find yourself listening to "passage" over and over agan. like beach house's album bloom, "passage" is an album that should be seen as an album and not as a collection of 10 songs. actually, "passage" could be the (electronic) counterpart of "bloom". the strongest song on the album to me is "the night".... but as i said, it's an album..... an awesome album.... and not a collection of single songs. (10/10) (sk/fk)

artist: exitmusic
title: passage
genre: electronic / dreampop / indie /shoegaze
release date: may 21, 2012
exitmusic official website
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01 - passage
02 - the night
03 - the city
04 - white noise
05 - storms
07 - stars
08 - the modern age
09 - the cold
10 - sparks of light

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