Saturday, May 5

love connection - euphoria

duo love connection, from melbourne just released their sophomore album "euphoria" through sensory projects. the album didn't really grow on me after the first spins, but within the next 10 spins or so, i started to like it more and more and at one point it suddenly has unfolded it's whole beauty. i don't wanna label the music, since the album is a genre hopper anyways. it has it's psychedelic moments, such as shoegaze, dreampop and even pop moments. what makes this album so special is that it plays with different moods. the whole album seems to be coverd in a slight shape of melancholy, but there's also a lot of hope and positivity swinging through the 11 songs. the strongest song on the album "you don't need muscles to get love" sums it all. altogether, "euphoria" is a great album... just give it a few spins until it touches you, but when it happens, you don't wanna end listening to it. (10/10) (sk/fk)

artist: love connection
title: euphoria
genre: indie / psychedelic / dreampop / shoegaze
release date:

01 - piezoelectric
02 - nobody knows
03 - home on the wave
04 - natures vice
05 - you don't need muscles to get love
06 - day by day
07 - coasting
08 - sun in
09 - sex in the cinema
10 - forest
11 - euphoria

(you can listen to the whole album via spotify!)

note: even though you are allowed to listen to the whole album on spotify i am not allowed to add a link on my blog. ..... thanks to the DMCA!

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