Sunday, May 27

sterile cuckoo - メガネ!メガネ!

on a day like today, when the eurovision song contest took place and kept me in front of the tv, just to satisfy my inner-masochism by throwing up several times..... it's a bit of postivie distraction when you receive nice mails from bands or fellow readers.... or in the case of "sterile cuckoo"... both.
named after a novel by john nichols and/or the 1969 movie, starring liza minelly, i honestly don't know anything about sterile cuckoo, except... it seems to be a guy and he might be located anywhere in germany.... or maybe anywhere in a parallel world?
fact is.... his music seems to be teleported from a parallel world. a world where milk and honey.... oh no wait, that's something completely different.... no, let's say, a world where the birds sing 24/7 and inspire musicians to create wonderful, warm, dreamy sounds.
i don't wanna label sterile cuckoo's music as dreampop or dreamy electrogaze... or whatsoever. i could say it sounds like a mix of "youth lagoon", "washed out" or.... as written on sterile cuckoo's bandcamp site: "sparkling noisy popmusic with delightet fluffy melodies and a hint of melancholy".... which sums it pretty well, i guess. what great music is this to come down from an some sorta "exciting evening" in front of the telly.... throwing up on that esc crap! listen to sterile cuckoo's ep on his bandcamp site.... or check his soundcloud site.

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