Saturday, May 26

straight from the harp - i'm on fire just for you

straight from the harp are a danish duo, living and working in berlin. i posted their video "gogogogogo" a few weeks ago. now their new album "i'm on fire just for you" is about to be released (on may 28).
i've got a copy by the band themselves (funny thing.... the "deutsche post" couldn't read the address on the envelope and gave it to one of my neighbours, two blocks away .... how stupid is that? what a luck they know me and combined.... "cd... unknown band.... okay, it must be that crazy looking guy two blocks away" ^^).
well, if i had to sum up the album in one sentence, i'd rate it as "a soundtrack to a new lars von trier movie... some avantgard italo western movie, shot in two days".
the moods on this album are changing from song to song. "heat wave 2056", "gogogogogo", "city lights" and "touch you" are excellent rolling electronic monsters with some harmonicas in the background (especially "touch you" reminds me of depeche mode during their "personal jesus" era.... my favourite song on "i.o.f.j.f.y"). "dancing slow" and "be together" remind me of "exitmusic" or "i break horses", but without the drama. and... everywhere you'll hear the harmonica... . "judy" is the only one song that didn't grow on me after the first two spins. it's a bit of a "stand-alone" track on the album.... it's a poppy song and seems to have some jazz influences. i will give it a few more spins, that's for sure. the new single "mon homme" is also one of the poppier songs, but it has some unexpected asian elements. ain't just the video a homage à wong kar-wei (a chinese director)? altogether, straight from the harp's new album is a great piece of electronic music. i like the western moods on the record and the slight avantgard'ish shape of the whole album. i really wish to hear more of such stuff, because it sounds fresh and doesn't really fit in one genre.... which is always a big plus. very very well done. (9/10) (sk/fk)

artist: straight from the harp
title: i'm on fire just for you
genre: electronic / avantgarde / pop / indie
release date: may 28, 2012
label: rain rain records / playground music denmark
the album will be available on iTunes (may 28) - you can pre-order it now!
straight from the harp on facebook.
straight from the harp on tumblr.

01 - i.o.f.j.f.y intro
02 - heat wave 2056
03 - gogogogogo
04 - dancing slow
05 - city lights
06 - judy
07 - mon homme
09 - people living in the city
10 - be together

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