Thursday, May 3

swim deep - king city / beach justice

i don't know much about swim deep, except they're from birmingham and they are about to release their first single "king city" through chess club records. their sound is hard to classify.... as there's only two songs and some demos available anyways. the single a-side is a fun to listen dream-pop'ish track with electronic and shoegaze elements. by far more interesting (at least to me) is the b-side "beach justice". the first thing about this song is the vocals. for some reason, they remind me of some early 90s madchester rave bands (northside... and maybe stone roses). musically, this song could be labelled as some surf-pop'ish retro pop song with a touch of 90s. one of the most promising new bands from england at the moment! i am curious to see what happens to them next! for now... very very well done debut!!!!!

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