Friday, May 25

young magic - melt

i sometimes wonder.... why is there still great bands and artists that i haven't even heard of although they've been around for quite a while?. such a band are the brilliant young magic from nyc. as we were going to cologne yesterday (electronic beats festival), i was listening to them on my friends' car. i was like "wtf.... how good is this..... and.... who are they?". honestly.... whatfor do we have music buddies when they don't recommend great new bands and you just stumble upon them... "by accident". i really gotta read the riot act to my friend.... again. ;). now seriously, i am pretty sure most of you know about young magic.... but to those of you who don't (such as me)... listen to this absolutely great album "melt" on young magic's bandcamp site (or here).
you can order the album via their label carpark records, or get a digital copy on iTunes. (sk)

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