Sunday, June 10

introducing: far away from fiji

far away from fiji are from copenhagen / denmark... and that's about all i know about this band. i like the description on their facebook site:

"We started out as a punk band, but couldn´t play fast enough. We kept the simplicity, but started writing good melodies." -Far Away From Fiji
Far Away From Fiji was born on the cold, beautiful shores of Denmark. The idea was to create a soundtrack for an imaginary movie. A fascinating guideline from which to build and form songs, the beauty and complexity of these fictive films is conveyed in each track. This cinematic sound claimed a visual side, so the guys decided to pair a video with every song.
The music, lyrics and videos are all influenced by the abstraction of being lost in thought. A certain feeling of nostalgia and longing is amplified by the dreamy tones of Far Away From Fiji's poetic stylings.

after watching their videos and listening to their songs, i thought i should write a little post, since i really like what i see and hear. there's an ep available for free through their website, but for some reason i couldn't download it. anyways, their videos and the songs on sondcloud are a good beginning.

far away from fiji official website
far away from fiji on soundcloud
far away from fiji on facebook

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