Saturday, June 9

man without country - foe

take delphic, add some m83, put it in a stirring gear.... add a little hooray for earth and flavour it with the common ingredients that are needed to produce a hip electronic record. .....if it was that simple, we had a massive overdose of similar artists. what a luck there's still that one special ingredient that you can't buy for money..... talent! in the case of this welsh duo, there seems to be a lot of talent and instinct available. what seems to be a clone of the above mentioned artists turns out to be one of the better electronic albums of 2012. "king complex", "puppets", "ebb & flow" and "closet addicts anonymous" are my personal highlights on this album. i prefet the first half of the album over the second part. nonetheless.... a very promising album and highly addictive! (9/10) (sk/fk)

artist: man without country
title: foe
genre: electronic / shoegaze / dreamwave
release date: june 4, 2012
label: lost balloon
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01 - foe
02 - puppets
03 - clipped wings
04 - king complex
05 - ebb & flow
06 - iceberg
07 - closet addicts anonymous
08 - migrating clay pigeon
09 - parity
10 - inflammable heart
11 - XI (delixe edition)
12 - XII (deluxe edition)
13 - all is full of love (deluxe edition)

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