Friday, June 8

shoreline is - deal kindly

so here it is.... "deal kindly" is the (long awaited) debut album from dortmund's (and once again.... the home of the best german soccer team) finest, "shoreline is". as written in our previous post song of the day: shoreline is - feel some, these guys play some real awesome, if not breathtaking, electronic driven dreampop with various influences from new wave to synthpop, shoegaze to post-punk and back. what i really like about this band is, that you don't recognize them as germans. that's because their music sounds so different from what you'd expect from the krauts.... plus their english singing is almost accent free (i can't stand it when german bands/artists have strong accents..... it sounds so rude to my ears). also, their songwriting sounds more british or scandinavian than teutonic.
to make it short, "deal kindly" is one of the best debuts from a german band in ages (except for the "hazy mountains" ep's, but they don't count since julian prott is a member of "shoreline is").
you can buy their album for only 5 € from their bandcamp site... and it IS definitely worth the money!
personal highlights on deal kindly: "french leave", "living things" and "feel some".
now, i hope these guys come up with some dates soon... (i was dreaming of them supporting "beach house" in frankfurt on august 29..... hint hint ^^).
very very well done guys -> 10/10 (fk/sk)

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