Wednesday, September 19

pandit - pandit

artist: pandit
title: pandit
country: usa
release date: july 10, 2012
format: mp3 - available on pandit's bandcamp site.
tags: dream pop / electronic / shoegaze
rating: 9/10

01. pillow talk
02. believe me
03. kathryn, my love (remastered)
04. bon wier, tx
05. human qualities
06. high lonesome
07. pack your bags
08. don't think of me (cause i won't think of you)
09. lover, don't come back
10. changes (still in love with you)
11. to stay the same
12. don't think of me, changes, untitled (demo)
13. lover, don't come back (demo)
14. lover, don't come back (jam)
15. movin / dreamin (demo)
16. pack your bags, mind games (demo)

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