Wednesday, October 17

silver swans - forever

: silver swans

title: forever
location: san francisco / ca / usa
release date: february 7, 2012
label: twentyseven records
format: digital - available from iTunes, amazon or directly from silver swans' bandcamp site.
tags: dream-pop / indie / electronic / twee
rating: 9.5/10

....for some strange reason, i had this band on my "bands to watch out for in 2012"-list since february (bands to watch out for in 2012 post - feb 9, 2012), but i never got the album.... til now. my bad my bad, because the album is amazing! get it if you don't have it (and don't wait 8 months) period!

01. house of blood

02. secrets
03. let it happen
04. diary land
05. actual pain
06. mother of pearl
07. arrows
08. on the quiet
09. around you
10. karen
11. always something

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