Saturday, December 8

2012 - the best 100 songs (part 2/4)

no.75: iamamiwhoami - sever
no.74: go dugong - b.u.
no.73: here we go magic - how do i know?
no.72: how to dress well - cold nites
no.71: beach house - new year
no.70: fotoshop - golden chain
no.69: new animal - far away
no.68: summer heart - a million times
no.67: frankie rose - know me
no.66: another - night
no.65: a whisper in the noise - your hand
no.64: wild nothing - disappear always
no.63: craft spells - still left with me
no.62: lotus plaza - eveningness
no.61: tamaryn - heavenly bodies
no.60: suburban living - i don't fit in
no.59: california wives - photolights
no.58: twin shadow - be mine tonight
no.57: lightships - two lines
no.56: bear in heaven - sinful nature
no.55: grimes - genesis
no.54: the oyster murders - spectre of a landfill
no.53: far away from fiji - we are here
no.52: air tycoon - care for you
no.51: dum dum girls - season in hell

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