Saturday, December 15

2012 - the best 100 songs (part 3/4)

no.50: discopolis - zenithobia
no.49: tezeo - friends
no.48: beat connection - saola
no.47: jens lekman - become someone else's
no.46: porcelain raft - drifting in and out
no.45: odesza - how did i get here
no.44: silver swans - diary land
no.43: vum - laura palmer
no.42: best coast - no one like you
no.41: the school - never thought i'd see the day
no.40: hazy mountains - all gone away
no.39: coma cinema - virgin veins
no.38: corduroi - future
no.37: balue - richard
no.36: beach house - wishes
no.35: stumbleine - fake plastic trees (ft. coma)
no.34: the shins - the rifle's spiral
no.33: blackbird blackbird - happy with you
no.32: how to dress well - ocean floor for everything
no.31: tamaryn - i'm gone
no.30: seapony - nothing left
no.29: cemeteries - what did you see?
no.28: little chords - when love ends
no.27: tame impala - feels like we only go backwards
no.26: xxyyxx - fields

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