Thursday, December 20

2012 - the staff's thoughts.....

this will probably be the post with the most written words without any music or videos.....

earlier tonight we (sascha, gregor and me) had a chat convo about the past year 2012. read it if you're nosey..... don't give a shit if you think a post without any music is crap. (i have to add.... the original convo was in german... me and sascha tried to translate it correctly)

warning: we're nerds!

me: so guys, let's have a little summing up of this year. what comes on your minds at first when you think of 2012?
sascha: lena (note: his girlfriend) got herself a copy of lady gaga's album fame and i was close to puke right over it.
me: lol
gregor: come on lady gaga was 2011 not 2012
sascha: was she?
me: i guess so
me: and i don't think lady gaga should be mentioned too often. she'll be back in 2013 i guess and i dunno what could be worse.... her being back or a zombie apocalypse on friday (dec. 21).
gregor: lol tell that lena.... lady gaga is worse than zombies
sascha: she is
me: btw... i was listening to a podcast from a friend and they talked about "how to survive a zombie attack".... it's here: der zombie survival guide
gregor: haha zombies are so not 2012 either
sascha: they are! twilight"
me: twilight is vampires not zombies
sascha: but the actors look like zombies
me: come on
gregor: rober pattinson's ex or whatever gf is hot
sascha: i hate twilight and all that mainstream cinema crap
gregor: twilight wasn't that bad
me: lol, it's gay
sascha: it is
gregor: like lady gaga
gregor: i think pop music and mainstream in general has become somewhat gay anyways
me: what do you mean?
gregor: some grotesque picture of fame bitches and success believers who act like idiots who haven't seen a classroom from the inside.
me: that's a bit too hard to say
gregor: no i don't think so. everything has become grotesque. like look at all the pop music video clips on mtv or the charts in general. too much skin, less quality music
sascha: you are a hater
gregor: maybe, but i can't stand it. also there's a lotsa blogs i am following on the web that turned into pop and almost mainstrea blogs
me: you must not read or follow them anymore.
gregor: even movies are grotesque
me: but not the hobbit
sascha: btw anyonre seen it yet?
me: on saturday after work
gregor: haha you have to work on saturday?
me: shush
sascha: i am going to see it on xmas with my family
me: oh yeah, that's what i did in 2001 "fellowship of the ring" and 2003 "return of the king" too. went to see it with the family of my friend in rostock.
gregor: i have seen it btw and i liked it, but i am not a fan
sascha: yes you are a hater, we had that
gregor: yes i hate you for  being so rude
me: guys.....
me: and so what was your most memorable moment in 2012?
me: i can say it was the beach house gig in cologne. i effing loved it. was there with my best friend sascha and his friend sara. it was a great night.
sascha: the "saarbrücken" sascha?
me: yep
gregor: i liked young magic in cologne
me: oh yes they where amazing, but beach house was better
sascha: my most memorable moment was the "borussia dortmund" winning the double
me: yes they deserved it. great team
gregor. bayern will win next year
me: shush
me: did anyone like the olympics.... especially the opening ceremony?
sascha: yea that was good
me: they played fuck buttons
gregor: fuck what?
me: you don't know fuck buttons? come on
gregor: no
me: go check them on youtube or anywhere else.
sascha: i don't like them
me: i know, you just like lady gaga
gregor: haha 1-0
sascha: no i don't.
me: who was your personal "man / woman of the year"?
sascha: of course lady gaga lol
me: lol
gregor: aaaargh
me: serious man serious
sascha: of course barack obama
gregor: dito
sascha: i wish we had such a guy in germany.
gregor: merkel merkel merkel
me: what?
gregor: i like her. i don't know why
me: omg
me: sorry to say that, but to me my man/woman of the year is victoria legrand and alex scully
gregor: lol you beach house addict
me: i am, and?
gregor: bit too much
sascha: i see frankie listening to beach house via the iChair in 2040 haha
me: iChair?
sascha: iChair like in apple wheelchair
gregor: lol
gregor: hype of the year - iphone 5
gregor: apple sucks
sascha: iphone 5 sucks you off dude
me: ewww
me: anal plug 5
sascha: haha
gregor: you wish
sascha: i don't get this apple hysteria anymore.
me: me neither
gregor: what if the big bad appleman comes to take over this planet on friday?
me: no he's no zombie
gregor: are you sure?
sascha: steve jobs is
me: yes, or have you seen or heard about appleman in any zombie shooter, zombie movie or whatsoever?
sascha: the gregorman will take over this planet on friday
gregor: yes that's true
me: with a lady gaga ass tattoo eh?
gregor: huh?
me: nevermind
sascha: lady gaga is my topic
me: oh yes sorry
sascha: and what will happen in 2013?
me: lady gaga will be back with a new album "i am the bitch who licked your girlfriend's pussy while you were listening to some hipster shit music"
sascha: lol
gregor: i wanna see the video of that
me: ewwww
gregor: 2013 will be the year when "eden is neon" takes over the world
me: yes
sascha: i am out you little hitlers
me: whaaat?
sascha: this is a music blog, isn't it?
gregor: no it's a religion
sascha: oh and we are the mujahedin of hipsterism?
me: lol
sascha: another topic i could talk about for hours. religion
me: what do you mean?
sascha: i mean that the world seems to change since 2001, since 9-11. fundamentalism seems to grow everywhere in the world, even in christian countries
me: i think that's only half of the truth. it's also a media thing
sascha: probably, but then again, because of that media thing fundamentalism grows. vicious circle
gregor: even worse than that is that phenomenon of "creationism". they don't try to bomb us back to stone age, but they try to teach kids back to there.
me: is this an american thing? i am asking because i haven't seen or heard anything over here
gregor: i don't know. i just know it makes me mad
sascha: the internet can be evil sometimes. seen so many sites about such stupid crap like creationism or religious fundametlism. remember that thing?
me: hell yeah that was bad.
sascha: it was a site run by catholic fanatics. they posted about almost everything but mostly about the deformity of homosexuality.
gregor: oh wait, was that the site that dissed dirk bach? (note: dirk bach was a german comedian who died earlier this year. he was openly gay).
me: yes they wrote something like "may he burn in hell with his gay rotten ass"
sascha: sick so sick
me: yeah but the site was taken down
sascha: there will be new sites like this and or nazi propaganda sites.
sascha: to me the no go of 2012 must be "all sorts of fundamentalism and or fanatism"
me: i agree
gregor: dito
sascha: there should be a 21-12-2012 just for al those creeps
gregor: we are at a difficult topic now
me: difficult, because we can't solve it?
sascha: i think so and because there'll always be unloved unwanted people who fall for weird ideologies and thoughts.
gregor: but this is more like a modern days thing not a 2012 thing
me: it's always a "thing" as long as it's people out there full of hate and weird thoughts.
sascha: all that frustrates me
gregor: and what doesnt?
sascha: you guess
gregor: lena?
sascha: haha yes of course
me: and music
sascha: too
gregor: was 2012 a good or a bad year?
sascha: to me it was a good year
me: dito. summer sucked
gregor: lol true
sascha: melt (note: we are talking about the melt! festival) was okay
me: honestly melt wasn't that good this year.
sascha: true, but still looking forward for melt next year
me: m83 was huuuuuuuuge
sascha: yeah while i was sleeping you ass
me: lol i asked you twice to get up
gregor: lol you slept while m83 was on stage? idiot
sascha: no lena had tummy aches
gregor: oh i see you had to care for her and her tummy and her lol
sascha: i have a gf, you just have a blow up doll. period!
me: lol
gregor: btw she's my person 2012
sascha: and your favourite website must be youporn then?
gregor: yes, i enjoyed watching the video "sascha caring for lena's butt"
me: lol mean
sascha: she will come over and kill you billy boy
gregor: you fundamentalist you
me: guys
gregor: sorry
sascha: ok back to serious. i really had to think of a site on the web that i visited frequently besides eis (note: eis = eden is neon) and i think it still is pitchfork
gregor: no pitchfork is absolutely overrated. stereogum is better
me: if you both had a facebook account we wouldn't have this topic
gregor: never. facebook is evil
sascha: yes it is
me: you could say that about almost every site on the web
me: but one great site still is no fear of pop. probably the best german blog
sascha: don't visit this site very often
me: you should
sascha: i admit it's one of the better blogs. most other blogs are or are becoming mainstream
gregor: hypemachine still rocks
sascha: rcrdlbl is better
me: soundcloud or bandcamp?
sascha: bandcamp
me: why?
sascha: i like the "tag" search
me: i discovered some pretty amazing artists on bandcamp
sascha: me too, neo(n) eden haha
me: i said "pretty amazing" not "amateurs"
gregor: come on your stuff isn't amateur music
me: haha check out "unglaublich aber ska"
sascha: lol i know them you showed me. dilletants
me: isn't it about time for a ska revival?
gregor: no please not
me: why not? ska-hop or skawave or skagazing lol
gregor: skachno
sascha: ska isn't that bad. the specials are still cult
me: they are but honestly i can't listen to ska for more than an hour
me: it bores me too fast
gregor: will there be a rave revival?
me: no
sascha: wait, there was some kind of rave revival.
me: 2012?
sascha: no klaxons was rave before they retired or whatever
me: nu rave
sascha: stupid tag
me: yes
gregor: i've been listening to some old 90s rave songs recently
sascha: technotronic?
gregor: lol that one too
me: i guess next year will see more artists like how to dress well, vondelpark, the xx and mabye perfume genious coming up. minimal, future rnb.
sascha: that's what i meant with mainstream. why must we have future rnb or nu rnb?
me: maybe because it isn't that bad?
sascha: seriously, do we need underground rnb? i don't. i simply don't like it
me: i am not a fan of rnb either, but some of the nu stuff isn't that bad
sascha: i don't get that frank ocean hype
me: okay, i don't get that either. i didn't like it at all
sascha: i don't like trends anyways. i still love shoegaze. it's timeless.
me: trends are worse than hypes. hypes come fast and go even faster. there's too many blogs and bloggers who tend  to exploit trends.
gregor: was seapunk a trend or a hype?
me: seapunk died before anyone was done with spelling that tag
sascha: seapunk was a zombie-trend. living dead whatever hype
me: no it was no hype
me: someone thought it was fun to create a stupid tag
sascha: like when you created chillgaze
me: i didn't create it
sascha: but you used it for your neo(n) eden tracks
me: true
me: btw, speaking of chillgaze. what do you think of the german music scene 2012?
sascha: german what?
me: lol
gregor: sizarr is good
sascha: okay they are good ideed. seen them live. really good
me: hazy mountains is my favourite
sascha: yep they are good
me: he
me: it's a him. one person
sascha: oh okay
me: you told me "this is good" when i posted it.
sascha: like i said "they are good". i meant "he is good"
me: lol
gregor: guys sorry i am off. i gotta get me something to eat
sascha: don't forget to polish your blow up doll for tonight. shiny and clean is more fun than dirty and with lots of white stains haha
gregor: thanks for reminding me. don't you forget to polish lena's ass tattoo. lady gaga might not like to lick a dirty ass
me: hahaha
gregor: okay guys i am out. love you and see you on friday
sascha: bye greg
me: ahoj
sascha: let's end this here. i feel way too nerdy
me: mkay, sheldon


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