Monday, January 21

everything is falling apart - teenage heart

: everything is falling apart
title: teenage heart
location: veracruz / méxico
release date: december 2, 2012
label: self released
format: digital / cd - available from everything is falling apart's bandcamp
tags: electronic / dream pop / chillgaze
similar artists: hazy mountains / suburban living / observer drift

01. romance
02. a single mother's baby
03. you we're so quick
04. the movies and the pop songs
05. this is lies, we are liars
06. trying to get you (out of my head)
07. the wall of distance
08. girl of my dreams
09. white noise
10. i'm autumn
11. the music
12. think about it
13. holy shit!
14. this is perfect for you
15. i wanna be adored (stone roses cover)

rating: i am not 100% sure about this album yet. one thing i can say is.... it's very entertaining and it makes me keep listening to the end. it's chill-xxxxx-whatever but also there's a little similarity to ......for example "fuck buttons" and drone'ish stuff. it's a bit of a "sonicedronechilltrip" but very joyful one.... and without illegal stuff!!! i had to write about this band sice i wanted to be the first to post about a mexican band on eden is neon (my granpa is from guadalajara...)
8/10 (sascha)

twitter: @EIFAband

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