Sunday, January 27

gleemer - death sky, soft eye

artist: gleemer
title: death sky, soft eye
location: nyc, ny / usa
release date: january 5, 2013
label: self released
format: digital - available from gleemer's bandcamp site
tags: shoegaze / dream-pop / americana

01. autodestroyer
02. steady your hands
03. honeybear
04. killing machine
05. bones
06. heatwave
07. breezy
08. white
09. violence 

rating: it doesn't happen very often that i am almost falling in love with an album by an artist that i have never ever heard of.... especially not when it's this artist's debut album and when it is an album so hard to label, as gleemer's debut album "death sky, soft eye" is. well, it happened last night. i have to add, that i was doing a live dj-set before and played a heavy dose of minimal techno and so i really needed to chill.... and that was the time when i found gleemer on bandcamp. while listening to the album i just wished myself in a 1968 ford mustang convertible cruising the night anywhere in the us. the great thing about this album is, that it doesn't sound "like".... well, maybe it does, but seemingly there's so many influences to that it's really hard to label the whole album. at parts it sounds like (whooops, there's the bad "l" word) a mix of my bloody valentine, slowdive, sonic youth and bright eyes. corey coffman aka gleemer has the talent to create unique sounds that remind you of something.... someone without being a copy. sounds that'll make you a happy listener. my personal favourites on the album are "killing machine" (the poppiest song on the album), the amazing "breezy" and the following song "white" (why the hell does this one remind me of conor oberst??). all thumbs up for "death sky, soft eye"!!!! since this album is free downloadable, i ask you to visit gleemer's bandcamp site asap.
9/10 (n.e.)


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