Friday, January 25

gliss - langsom dans

artist: gliss
title: langsom dans
location: copenhagen / denmark - l.a., ca / usa
release date: january 22, 2013
label: modern outsider
format: digital / cd / vinyl - available from modern outsider and/or amazon
tags: electronic / shoegaze / dream-pop
similar artists: bulldog skin / fight bite / i break horses

01. blood on my hands
02. a to b
03. into the water
04. weight of love
05. blur
06. hunting
07. waves
08. the sea tonight
09. through the mist
10. in heaven
11. black is blue
12. kite in the sky 

rating: close your eyes and imagine beach house, the raveonettes and dum dum girls on one stage..... wouldn't that be awesome? since it won't happen in the near future (i guess) you've been given a chance to listen to something that sounds pretty similar. of course i mean the new album by american/danish band "gliss". their third full length album is a wonderful mix of dream-pop, electronic and shoegaze elements. lush melodies and singing work like sweet glue that holds the song structures with dominant drums and basslines together. after their great 2012 ep "hunting" (luckily all three tracks from the ep can be found on the album) and the announcement of a third album i was really looking forward to it and i am more than satisfied with what they've come up with. i am sure that gliss will be on many "best of lists" at the end of the year! amazing album!listen to the 2012 ep "hunting" below (as mentioned, all three tracks are also on the album)
10/10 (n.e.)  /  9.5/10 (sascha)

twitter: @gliss

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