Wednesday, January 23

modern girls - modern girls

: modern girls
title: modern girls
location: baltimore, md / usa
release date: january 15, 2013
label: self released
format: digital / limited vinyl - available from modern girls' bandcamp
tags: electronic / chillwave / trip-hop
similar artists: astronauts, etc. / deptford goth / pale

01. ties and shoes
02. made their run
03. animal totem
04. steelhead
05. all i know
06. can't feel at all
07. shoot
08. guessing room

rating: raising from the beautiful baltimore, modern girls are perfect in combining good old 90s trip-hop beats with indie and psychedelic sounds, r'n'b and a good portion of up-to-date electronic music. at some parts "modern girls" sound like delphic should have sounded like if they wouldn't have taken the "we wanna make a crappy pop music album" exit. "animal totem" sounds like a mix of massive attack from the "blue lines" era and toro y moi.... such a great tune! i highly recommend this album. my favourite tracks are "made their run", "animal totem" and "all i know"
9.5/10 (n.e.)


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