Wednesday, January 2

some thoughts....

greg's thoughts about the blogging scene and the growing narcissism of some blog(ger)s.....

honestly when i take a look around the web and see all those wannabe very hip blogs that try to set a trend by posting "tha hawtest new stuff for 2013" i really feel that intense need to stop blogging immediately and take a puke on some post-hipsterism hipster's head. not that i am against hipsters (i am prolly one of them), but why the hell do we need people that are more posers than posters. gosh, get your bollocks in the right direction and stop being oober fuckin trendy. we don't need another copy of a copy of a copy that sounds cooler than the copy of the copy of the copy. and then... forget about the looks. if you wanna post about the looks of a band / artist.... try a fashion victim blog. it's about the music, not the clothes or styling.... is it?
it's a bit like in the 90s when nme created that britpop hype due to their intense need to set a trend after they had written their previous set trends down and were in fear of losing readers (and honestly britpop didn't really exist.... it was just a bunch of british bands that sounded the same, or at least they seemed to fit in the same label). now we see the same thing happening on the blogger scene. everyone tries to be cooler than the other one. everyone tries to have the hottest new, the freshest stuff on their blog..... no matter if it's really good... just for some more readers and a wank in the evening on their own coolness.
i fuckin love music and i don't wanna read about "hawt new stuff" that sounds too exchangeable by any band / artist that has been on mtv heavy rotation.
my thoughts might not reflect the views of this blog, but i really had to say that!



  1. Angry hipster :p

  2. did y'all know greg has the 666 sign on his forehead? ^^