Sunday, January 20

sterile cuckoo - the adventure park

artist: sterile cuckoo
title: the adventure park
location: stuttgart / germany
release date: january 21, 2012
label: self released
format: digital - available from sterile cuckoo's bandcamp
tags: electronic / dream pop / ambient pop
similar artists: youth lagoon / arrange / observer drift

01. collywobbles
02. miracle love atlas
03. you never know
04. the adventure park theme
05. july, july
06. hobson's choice
07. gemini
08. aniello
09. sterile cocoon
10. ludo
11. heart delay
12. the girl from the starry aquarium

rating: there's been some good releases the past week(s) and one of the best and (personally) most awaited is sterile cuckoo's debut album "the adventure park". as i am laying here on my bed with my headphones on and listening to the album i feel hugged by a thousand arms. it's like diving into a warm ocean surrounded by a million singing mermaids. if you ever asked yourself "what the hell is dream pop?".... just listen to "the adventure park" and you won't ask this question again. i love it how sterile cuckoo's music makes you paint imaginary pictures on your mind. since you can download this album for free, i ask you to visit sterile cuckoo's bandcamp asap and get yourself that fantastic 12 track journey into magic. my personal highlihts on "the adventure park" are "miracle love atlas" (for some reason, this one reminds me of some early "blackbird blackbird" stuff.... which is a very good sign), "you never know", "july, july" and "the girl from the starry aquarium"
10/10 (must have!!!) (n.e.)


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