Thursday, January 31

the history of apple pie - out of view

artist: the history of apple pie
title: out of view
location: london / uk
release date: february 5, 2013
label: marshall teller records
format: cd / lp / digital - available from marshall teller records, amazon or iTunes!
tags: fuzzpop / noisepop / indie
similar to: the pains of being pure at heart / eagulls / veronica falls

01. tug
02. see you
03. mallory
04. the warrior
05. glitch
06. you're so cool
07. i want more
08. do it wrong
09. long way to go
10. before you reach the end

rating: what a luck i got introduced to "the history of apple pie" a few weeks ago. this band is the fresh air i just needed after all the pseudo-hip crap that's floating around.... weird electronic music that sounds too exchangeable and/or that's nothing more than recycled sounds from the 80s or 90s. the funny fact about "out of view" is that it's nothing new. it's just pure and honest indie rock with a huge portion of oldschool'ish shoegaze and/or noisepop. some c86 and fuzzpop influences are also there but not too dominant. i love this band for bringing us back to the ground of what music can sound like. honest, energetic and pure fun! i could dance all nght, especially on "tug" and "you're so cool"... which are my favourites on the album (neo(n) eden's fave: "i want more"). i guess i am gonna take this record to bed with me and hug it all night long.... as soon as i hold it in my hands. thanks so much stephanie, jerome, james, kelly and aslam!
10/10 (sascha) / 9/10 (n.e.)

twitter: @thoapband

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