Saturday, January 19

the history of colour tv - emerald cures chic ill

artist: the history of colour tv

title: emerald cures chic ill
location: berlin / germany
release date: (physical) january 22, 2013
format: digital / cd / vinyl - available from bandcamp and/or saint marie records
tags: shoegaze / dreampop / noisepop
similar artists: the soft moon / a place to bury strangers / letting up despite great faults

rating: take "the soft moon", add some bittersweetness, mix it with "a place to bury strangers" but reduce the noise and stir it with a big black spoon while you add a few drops of a very very secret flavouring that you just found in a hidden flowstone cave directly under your house. what you get is a great piece of music that will satisfy your hunger for a bit. great album.... but give it a bit to grow on you!!
9/10 (sasha)

official: the history of colour tv

01. let's get sick
02. i knew it was wrong but i did it anyway
03. suddenlines
04. selisse estates
05. interference
06. 1-800-badnite
07. mend
08. sxrx
09. 2x1x
10. going to stay

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