Sunday, January 20

white blush - white blush ep

artist: white blush
title: white blush ep
location: los angeles, ca / usa
release date: december 31, 2012
label: self released
format: digital - available from white blush's bandcamp
tags: electronic / dream pop / dark ambient
similar artists: still corners / silver swans / vum

01. true luv
02. mirror
03. jolene
04. wait
05. 808 myst
06. juice of my heart

rating: good to see carol rhyu aka white blush being back with a 6-track ep. after her remarkable 2012 debut single "wait" she's now up with an ep, packed with 5 electronic driven, dark'ish dream-pop jewels plus the incredible "wait". honestly, i wasn't really sure about that kind of "overpowering" wall of electronic sounds on the first two songs "true luv" and "mirror", but after a few plays it really grew on me. more than that.... it works perfect with carol's sweet voice and her "breathy" singing. "jolene" is my favourite song on the ep. it's a wonderful and perfect combination of electronic sounds and dreamy pop music. i am sure we can expect a lot more from this outstanding artist in the near future.
10/10 (n.e.)  /  9/10 (sascha)

twitter: @whiteblushh

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