Saturday, February 23

far away from fiji - you've come a long way

artist: far away from fiji 
title: you've come a long way ep
location: copenhagen / denmark
release date: february 21, 2013
label: self released
format: digital - available from their homepage.
tags: dream-pop / indie-pop / electronic

01. sirenia
02. you've come a long way
03. restless

rating: my favourite danish trio is back with a new ep called "you've come a long way". other than their previous ep's, this ep opens with an electronic driven song called "sirenia". probably their most mainstream'ish song yet, but defintely not the worst. the title track is a "typical" far away from fiji song. when i listen to this song i get pictures of my childhood on my mind... but that's probably because of their previous videos which all or almost all featured children and seemed to be shot in the 70s or 80s (and as far as i know some of them are from danish movies from the 1970s). "restless" is the most quiet and dream'ish song on the ep and my personal favourite. far away from fiji bring us sweet music with wonderful melodies and we have to love them, but as we learned from out parents.... don't have too much sugar or you're gonna end up full before lunch is served! for the next ep or album i'd like to have a little less sugar but a bit more salt.... 
8.5/10 (n.e.)

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