Sunday, February 17

inc. - no world

artist: inc. 
title: no world
location: los angeles, ca. / usa
release date: february 19, 2013
label: 4AD
format: digital / cd / vinyl - available from memphis industries, amazon, iTunes and/or local shops.
tags: electronic / r'n'b / indie
similar to: toro y moi / frank ocean / darkstar

01. the place
02. black wings
03. lifetime
04. 5 days
05. trust (hell below)
06. your tears
07. angel
08. seventeen
09. desert rose (war prayer)
10. careful
11. nariah's song

rating: can you believe it.... i am writing a "review" about some band that could be labelled as "r'n'b".... being called a "music-nazi" i never had a thing for any stuff that was rnb'ish... and i honestly have no idea why. nonetheless, it has changed within the past months. probably it's because there's been some releases that combine rnb with other styles such as chillwave, 80s synthpop and/or post-whatever.... best example to me is toro y moi's outstanding "anything in return". inc.'s debut album "no world" is, like "anything in return", an album that has a very strong r'n'b influence. andrew and daniel know how to make it sound interesting and they set themselves and their sounds apart from all the (at parts really really crappy) modern r'n'b stuff. by adding soulful and sometimes dark moments plus... this album has a, what i call "jellybean- vibe" which means it's colourful, sweet, i wanna have more and everywhere. my personal highlight on the album is "angel". this song unites the smoothness of the beats with intelligent placed electronic effects, hi-hats and wonderfully lush vocals. this song alone made me falling in love with inc., but it's only one highlight of an outstanding debut. i am really looking forward to seeing inc. live one day... hopefully anytime in summer.
10/10 (n.e.)

twitter: @inc_no_world

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