Sunday, February 3

my bloody valentine - mbv

so, here it is, the first my bloody valentine album since 1992. i don't wanna rate it for now, because i just got a few moments ago. all i can say after the first spin is, what a luck it isn't a total desaster, but it didn't knock me off. as i said, i don't wanna rate it that short after getting it.... decide for yourself!
for those of you who either don't know mbv or who hasn't got the album yet.... you can stream the whole album (in single songs) from my bloody valentine's official youtube channel or just go directly to mbv's official site and order the album! (sascha)

01. she found now
02. only tomorrow
03. who sees you
04. is this and yes
05. if i am
06. new you
07. in another way
08. nothing is
09. wonder 2

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