Saturday, February 2

play/talk - stay home ep

: play/talk
title: stay home ep
location: los angeles, ca / usa
release date: january 22, 2013
label: self released
format: digital - available from play/talk's badcamp or soundcloud site.
tags: electronic / chillwave / dreampop
similar to: dream curtain / mmoths / memory tapes

01. rain
02. stay home
03. on my own
04. lost & found

rating: if chillwave wasn't a bad word meanwhile, i'd label this ep a wonderful dreamy chillwave 4-tracker... but since i don't wanna get slapped by all those hip chillwave haters, i just call it a great, amazing, outstanding dreamy electronic 4-track ep. the title track "stay home" is one of the best chillw.... erm dreamy electronic songs i heard in a few weeks (along with mmoths - all these things). therefore and the fact that i still love chillw.... you know what i mean... and that this ep gives me good vibrations i gotta give back a straight 10.
10/10 (n.e.)


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