Saturday, February 2

wavering hands - i remember nothing ep

: wavering hands
title: i remember nothing ep
location: luzern / switzerland
release date: february 1, 2013
label: oh, sister records
format: digital - available from wavering hands' badcamp site, amazon and iTunes!
tags: dreampop / indie / new wave
similar to: craft spells / suburban living / houses

01. no constant
02. i remember nothing
03. bright places high
04. brother
05. clinical and silent

rating: glad to see this is our very first post about a swiss band. no, i don't wanna write about the typical swiss clichés, such as heidi, toblerone and banks. switzerland is not just a beautiful country with very nice people, no it also has a living and growing music scene. one great example is "wavering hands". their ep sounds like it was straight from any hip place in brooklyn but not from luzern. muscially the ep has a strong 80s vibe swinging with all the songs. it works perfect with the bedroom'ish - at parts poppy - instrumentation and dreamy vocals. my favourite track on the ep has to be the title track "i remember nothing". the opener "no constant" is a free giveaway and can be downloadad from their bandcamp site. i am very curious to hear more from this band. all thumbs and toes up for the ep!!!
9.5/10 (n.e.)


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