Thursday, March 7

twos - feel ep

artist: twos 
title: feel ep
location: ??
release date: january 13, 2013
label: aural sects
format: digital - available from bandcamp.
tags: electronic / chillwave / future beats

01. feel
02. by your side
03. slow down
04. with you
05. low

rating: honestly i don't know very much about twos and who or what it is. i just know this ep satisfies me with every beat, with every sample, with every weird plink and plonk. the title track "feel" was floating around the web for several weeks and was and still is on heavy rotation. it's one of those rare tracks that is so endlessly deep that it makes you wanna dive in after the first seconds of the song. my favourite track is "with you". it sounds like a spaced out version of a nicolas jaar or james blake song. absolutely addicting! you can d/l the ep for free from aural sects bandcamp site.
10/10 (greg.)

official website:

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