Tuesday, April 16

single of the week: suburban living - always eyes

artist: suburban living
title: always eyes (single)

location: richmond, va - usa
release date: april 16, 2013
label: dialog records
format: (limited) vinyl / digital (available from bandcamp).
tags: new wave / indie / dreampop

01. always eyes
02. video love
03. club kids - (digital only)

rating: it's no secret that i am deeply in love with suburban living... maybe i am the only overseas groupie with no boobs! okay, now the true facts: "always eyes" and especially "video love" are two songs that sound like they were originall recorded in the 80s and remastered and edited in the 2010's. new wave'ish dreampop was the most accurate way to label the songs, but since we all hate label, forget about what i just said. "always eyes" is the more uplifiting song that makes you wanna dance while "video love" makes you wanna sit in front of the mirror with your headphones on, painting your lips red and covering your eyelids with blue eye shadow, two absolute fantastic songs. "club kids" reminds me of one "hall & oates" song from the 80s, new wave'ish pop with some funky guitar-riffs. or is it just another missing track from the "breakfast club" soundtrack? who knows.... i just know that this single is a must have... like all suburban living releases. and the best of it... the album is on it's way! 
10/10 (must have!!) (fk)

official website: http://suburbanlivingz.com/
bandcamp: http://suburbanliving.bandcamp.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/suburbanliving
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/suburbanliving
twitter: @suburbanlivingz

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